Keynote speakers

Aileen Ionescu-Somers

– Executive Director at Global Entrepreneurship Monitor.

– Former Director of the Corporate Sustainability Management Research Center at IMD business school in Switzerland, and former member of the Boards of the Academy of Business in Society (ABIS) and Waterlex, as well as several Sustainability Councils.

Christina Theodoraki

-Associate Professor in Entrepreneurship & Strategy at Toulouse Business School, Editor SBEJ, JSBM, RMS, Management & Prospective (Gestion 2000), ERJ, JEC.

-Affiliate Professor at the International University of Monaco, Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Development Strategies at the University of Indiana and Business Development Manager at the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Research Network.

-Leader of the Babson Collaborative Research Group on Entrepreneurial Ecosystems. 

David Urbano

-Professor of Entrepreneurship at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) and ICREA-Academia Research Fellow.

-Associate Editor of Small Business Economics Journal (SBEJ) and Member of the Board of Directors in the European Council of Small Business and Entrepreneurship.

-Vice Dean of Entrepreneurship at the School of Economics and Business (UAB).

-Co-founder and director of Centre for University Entrepreneurship -CIEU- (UAB Emprèn).

Diamanto Politis

-Entrepreneurship Professor at Lund University School of Economics and Management and Director of Sten K Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship.

-Member of the Scientific and Publications Committee of ESU Network.

-Founder and Director of the International Master’s Programme in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Lund University, Chair of the Committee of the European Entrepreneurship Education Award, EEEA.

José Ernesto Amorós

-Professor and Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs at EGADE Business School, Tecnológico de Monterrey (México)

-Vicepresident of Iberoamerican Academy of Management, Member of Academy of Management, Strategic Management Society, Academy of International Business and International Council of Small Business, and Member of the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Board.

Julio Orlando de Castro

-The «José Mario Álvarez de Novales Chair Professor in Entrepreneurship» and Head of the PhD program at IE Business School, in Madrid.

-Lewis family distinguished Professor of global management at Babson College, and Associate Professor of Strategy and Organization Management at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Niels Stefan Bosma

– Full Professor Social Entrepreneurship at Utrecht University, Member of the Board of Directors and Senior Research Advisor with the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, Cofounder of the Utrecht University Social Entrepreneurship Initiative

– Member of the Academic Research Board of the European Social Enterprise Monitor.

Thorsten Kliewe

-Full Professor for Innovation Management and Business Development at FH Münster University of Applied Sciences (Germany),

– Director of the Science-to-Business Marketing Research Centre of the MUAS, Chair of the Accreditation Council for Entrepreneurial and Engaged Universities (ACEEU),

– Managing Director at S2BMRC, Chair of the Triple E Awards – Entrepreneurship and Engagement Excellence Awards in higher education.

Ulla Hytti

– Professor in entrepreneurship and a head of Entrepreneurship research group at the Department of Management and Entrepreneurship at the University of Turku,

– President of the European Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship, Research Editor at Entrepreneurship Education & Pedagogy (EE&P)

– Associate Editor at Entrepreneurship and Regional Development (ERD), 2019 winner of the European Entrepreneurship Education Award.